About Me

Hi I am Néstor Lora :wave:, a Telematics Engineer living in Málaga (Spain).

I love public transportation and the technologies behind the Internet. I’m constantly learning more about them and exploring how they can be leveraged to make an even greater positive impact on society.

Soft skills

I have been able to complete my learning with self-study and occasional freelance work. I have also participated in student representation and volunteering, which have given me soft skills and great versatility.

Continous training Self-learning Training other people Power user Prosumer Negotiation Attentiveness Planning Reliability Effective communicator

















Network Engineering LAN WLAN Firewall IPv6 DNS Email hosting Mobile networks HTTP REST SNMP VoIP SMTP/IMAP Bluetooth MQTT Websockets VPN / IPSec RFID NFC WebDAV Custom TCP/IP protocols

Frameworks & Tools

Git Docker Bootstrap MongoDB PHPRunner Linux Proxmox VE Windows Server Traefik Android SDK Active Directory Penpot Adobe Illustrator Figma JUnit OpenAPI Unifi Syslog Postman

My timeline

ICT Engineering internship

Empresa Malagueña de Transportes, SAM

June 2023 — January 2024

I've mainly worked in full-stack development and integration. I also collaborated on R&D&I, engineering, sysadmin and UX projects within the IT department.

More detailed tasks
  • Automation of wireless networks management
  • Integration of bluetooth technologies and license plate recognition in access control systems.
  • Design and development of PWA and responsive web apps (Oracle SQL, MongoDB, PHP, HTML5, JS, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery).
  • Common Alerting Protocol integration in mobile notification system for weather alerts.
  • Corporate CSS theme design for web apps.
  • Collaboration in the deployment, installation, and configuration of corporate WLAN networks.
  • Design and implementation in Python of a stateful proxy between REST services and proprietary UDP protocol.
  • Prototyping a dynamic user information system using e-ink displays.
  • MQTT integration in web apps.
  • Study and proposal of accessibility improvements in mobile applications.
  • Architectural design of a secure NFC fare collection system on mobile devices with fraud detection and prevention.

Network & Systems Administrator

CPM Gonzalo Martín Tenllado Independent professional, part time

June 2017 — present

I've been responsible for managing networks and internal systems of this professional conservatory of music. Here are some of my duties:

  • Installation and management of corporate LANs, WLANs and Directory Systems.
  • Training, advanced users helpdesk and technical counseling.
  • Documentation and procedures management.

Bachelor Degree in Telematics Engineering

Málaga University Student

September 2014 — November 2023

The degree aims to train professionals in the field of ICT engineering. It's focused specially in the middle ground between Telecommunications and IT.

Main curriculum topics
  1. Telecommunication networks and services: architectures, technologies, design, administration and management
  2. Software engineering and programming: applications, services, microcontrollers and real-time systems
  3. Communication protocols, security and signaling
  4. Mobile and wireless IoT networks
  5. Multimedia services
  6. Analog and digital electronics: Technologies and design
  7. Project management and telecommunications regulations

During my studies I participated in numerous volunteer activities and student representation. I also developed different projects on my own and in a team. You can find more detailed information in the corresponding site sections.

Professional Music Education, Viola specialization

CPM Gonzalo Martín Tenllado Student

September 2009 — May 2017